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Choir New cover imageThere is always a lot happening with our THS Choir students.  This is a very difficult time for everyone; however,  we will try to bring you the latest and most important Choir News and events.  The intent here to highlight our choirs and fabulous students and what they have accomplished.  We may, however, miss something.  Check the Announcements scroller, calendar, and banner for upcoming events and do not forget the THS Choir Parents Facebook group page.  

March 10, 2020 – WCSU Invitational Chamber Choir Festival Cancelled

The Western Connecticut State University (WCSU) Invitational Chamber Choir Festival, scheduled for March 11, 2020, has been cancelled.  No alternate date for this event has been announced.

December 13, 2019 – Chamber Singers with the Civic Orchestra at Yale

THS Choir Civic Orchestra of New HavenTHS Concert Choir and Chamber Singers performed with the Civic Orchestra of New Haven at Battel Chapel at Yale University.


November 14, 2019 – Dylan Cranston and Rob Goldstein Perform in Orlando, FL

Dylan Cranston (right) and Robert Goldstein (left)“Trumbull High choralists perform at National Honor Ensemble” – Dylan Cranston and Robert Goldstein at the National Association for Music Education 2019 All-National Honor Ensembles in Orlando, FL. See the whole story at https://www.trumbulltimes.com/news/article/Trumbull-High-choralists-perform-at-National-14834910.php.